LYRRE merges the organic sound of the hurdy-gurdy, dark guitar riffs and cinematic production’s grandeur with just the right amount of electronic inspirations. They alchemize these elements into a melancholic, yet uplifting and majestic aura, that is a breath of fresh air for the symphonic, folk, and atmospheric metal fans.

Formed by ex-Eluveitie hurdy-gurdy player, Michalina Malisz, and her husband Piotr Martuś (Netherfell), the band sets to transcend the boundaries of genres. They incorporate modern music production and songwriting and collaborate with artists like Noah Sebastian (Bad Omens), who co-produced their upcoming debut album.

The lyrics are rich with poetic metaphors drawn from myths and medieval legends. Even though they touch on existential turmoil, they are far from nihilistic. Every song leaves the listener with a sense of hope and promise, that facing our struggles willingly will set us free and make life worth living.