Battled is a female-fronted alternative punk rock band hailing from Ede, Netherlands.

With clear rock influences, the band crafts songs that delve into gritty themes, all with an underlying message of hope.

Founded during the pandemic in 2020 by vocalist Eline and guitarist Jos, Battled made waves with their debut EP, “From the Silence,” released in February 2022. The initial release showcased strong influences from hard rock and pop-punk. Since then, the band has evolved into a solid collective of five musicians.

In 2023, the band made a triumphant return with singles “Surrender” and “Black Dahlias.” These tracks are characterized by a robust punk-rock sound coupled with infectious melodies. Early 2024 saw the release of their latest EP, “Growing Pains.”

Having clinched victories in various band competitions, including the prestigious Kabaal Regionaal ’23, Battled stands like a rock on stage, ready to blow the audience away.