The Dutch blackened death metal band SLECHTVALK originated as a solo project in 1999 by founder Shamgar. Their debut album, ‘Falconry,’ was released in 2000 by FEAR DARK and garnered praise for its raw symphonic black metal sound. The band expanded to include a full lineup, with Jesse Vuerbaert (formerly of HEIDEVOLK) joining as Ohtar. This lineup recorded the second album, ‘The War that Plagues the Lands,’ and a split CD with the Indonesian Avantgarde metal band KEKAL in 2002.

In 2003, SLECHTVALK began performing live in medieval costumes and armor, adding to their unique appeal. A live show was recorded in 2004 and released alongside their third album, ‘At the Dawn of War,’ in 2005. Despite some lineup changes between 2006 and 2008, the band continued to tour, sharing the stage with bands like MÅNEGARM, SKYFORGER, and SUIDAKRA.

Signing with WHIRLWIND RECORDS in 2009, SLECHTVALK marked their 10th anniversary with the compilation album ‘An Era of Bloodshed.’ Their fourth album, ‘A Forlorn Throne,’ produced by Johan Örnborg and mixed/mastered by Jens Bogren, was released in 2010, featuring guest vocals by Erik Grawsjö of MÅNEGARM.

Following the decline of WHIRLWIND RECORDS, the band opted to focus on recording a new album rather than accepting offers from various labels. With a successful crowdfunding campaign in 2015, SLECHTVALK recorded ‘Where Wandering Shadows and Mists Collide’ with producer Lasse Lammert (known for his work with GLORYHAMMER, ALESTORM, SVARTSOT), released in 2016.

Plans to return to Lasse Lammert’s studio in 2021 for their sixth album were disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic and associated restrictions, leading to two postponements. Finally, in April 2023, SLECHTVALK returned to LSD Studio to record ‘The White Raven,’ featuring guest appearances by violinist/cellist Almut “Ally” Storch (SUBWAY TO SALLY), vocalist Claudio Enzler (SACRIFICIUM), and producer Lasse Lammert himself.