Axis Mundi is a symphonic death metal band from the city of Groningen, NL. The band is currently recording their first full length studio album. This album will be mixed and mastered by Mendel bij de Leij and will be released sometime in 2021. Several singles for this album have already been released on spotify, including ‘Castle Under Siege’, ‘Symphony of Winter Nights’, ‘Personal Riches’ and ‘Of Love and Lust’.After starting in September 2016 the band’s line-up was changed in 2019. Singer Linda Dijkshoorn left the band and the band continued without clean vocals, becoming darker and heavier.In September 2018 the band released its first self-titled EP ‘Axis Mundi’, presented at their release concert in Simplon (Groningen, NL) on the 20th of September.

The band recorded a new single, ‘Castle Under Siege’ during the spring of 2020. It was released on digital platforms in august 2020. The single featured the band’s new sound and was mixed and mastered by Mendel bij de Leij. The song received many enthusiastic reviews and was played on several online rock/metal radiostations in The Netherlands.The second single for this album, ‘Symphony of Winter Nights,’ was released in april 2021 and received very positive reviews, including from 3voor12Groningen.The third single for this album, ‘Personal Riches,’ was released in june 2021.The fourht single, ‘Of Love and Lust,’ was released in august 2021.